People are prone to monitor the health of their stomach, and unfortunately, do not pay due attention to their esophagus. We feel some discomfort or pain only when problems with this important organ of the digestive system became acute. Treatment help to improve your health condition, but it will never become perfect again. Usually, diseases of the esophagus are chronic, and their symptoms appear as soon as you forget about proper nutrition.

Avoid hot and spicy food

The mucous membrane of stomach and esophagus is rather thin, and high temperature or spicy dishes can damage it. This is even more serious threat to your health than increased or decreased acidity. Burns and irritation of inner walls of stomach and esophagus can be the reason of gastritis and gastric ulcer. If you have consumed some hot food and feel not comfortable, do not try to get rid of unpleasant sensation with drinking water. In this case, milk can help you more effectively than any other method. By the way, daily milk consumption improves blood vessel health, so you may use it to have immediate and long-lasting effect for hard boner.

Do not gain overweight

As it turned out, overweight is bad not only for our appearance but also for the esophagus. Everybody knows that it can be harmful to our skeleton-muscular and cardiovascular systems. Thus, sports can be helpful for your health in general; do this to get a hard boner. Overweight has a negative effect on our digestive tract because of the harm that it causes to the esophagus. Obesity creates pressure in the stomach, so the valve that separates the stomach from esophagus relaxes; consequently, stomach acid and bile move higher, where the walls of an organ are not suited for such aggressive substances.

Avoid horizontal positions after a meal

The same as overweight, horizontal positions promotes movement of bile higher. Usually, it does not get to the esophagus due to the valve, but food in the stomach press on the passage. So, do not have a nap after lunch.

Stop smoking             

Both respiratory and digestive systems contact tobacco smoke while smoking. The smoke contains harmful substances that cause inflammation of mucosa. Nicotine is also the reason of spasm of blood vessels; digestive organs cannot gain enough blood. Nicotine interacts with the nervous system and affects the hypothalamus, where centers of appetite and saturation are located; as a result, some smokers do not feel hanger and stop eating regularly, and others have increased appetite. Functions of men’s body are also worsening due to the compression of blood vessels, so quit smoking because this is an easy way to get hard.

Drink coffee

Yes, scientists say that coffee can be health-giving for the digestive tract and helps men to get a strong boner in a few seconds! Available to everyone drink also normalizes bowel functions and prevents tumors. As well, coffee helps to lose overweight faster, the harm of which has already been described above. This method is a real miracle for men with performance problem because it dilates the blood vessels; it also protects you from a heart attack. Still, do not abuse this drink, because it can cause not less harm as benefit. Coffee increases the level of acidity in the stomach, which causes heartburn, and the consequences of this are gastritis and ulcer.

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