Legendary scientist has an incredible story of survival beyond all odds, and his case is the greatest secret that needs to be disclosed to understand the strength of human nature.

Stephen Hawking was born in January 1942 and always was one step ahead of his peers in terms of learning. Despite complacency and light-hearted approach to studying at Oxford, he found everything very boring and easy. Until he was diagnosed with ALS, or motor neuron disease.

By that time he had already met Jane, his future wife and the mother of 3 beautiful children. Falling in love gave him strength to continue his Ph. D. research. He strived to get the maximum from every minute that he lived. This was Hawking’s secret of fighting back – he had something to believe in and to work hard for.

ALS or neuron motor disease makes the person paralyzed, to put things lightly. But the complete failure to work is only applicable for motor functions at this case. Hawking could not walk, use his hands properly and talk. But he could breathe and think. The muscles that worked for purposes other than motoric were under full control. This way Stephen Hawking not only was a prominent scientist but became a father of three and faithful love partner.

To learn his trick one must dive into human psychology and especially romance. It was love that persuaded Hawking to develop a strong habit of survival. There was too much work and he just could not die. The disease progressed but slowly. Instead of 2-3 years prognosed by the doctors in London, Hawking lived more than fifty.

He strived to get a better life for those who cared about him. His most loyal team was always there and ready to aid him in whatever way they could. It was them who gave Hawking strength to fight for that long. That’s how the great scientist remained active in all aspects despite being paralyzed. Trust, love, devotion.  Hawking used this to further his studies and get motivated to tackle the most complicated concepts of space and time.

The secret of a great scientist is that he never gave up. Being inside of his own body made his mind free. He developed his thinking abilities to a level where he did not need any modern visualization methods that we have now. He could travel across time in space in his mind, building theories and finding proof. Wherever the great scientist is now, he has finally fulfilled his dream to see what’s beyond the world we live in and the time that passes through us.


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